Donauwelle 8, Kiezredaktion der Donauwelle
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Kommentar von Irit Mogilevsky

Life is not a football match. not a war between the light and the darkness, the right and the wrong. Life is vague, elusive, ambiguous. 

Taking one side, looking at the world through an individualistic perspective, closing oneself off to the experiences of other living beings, is not just sad, it’s also a recipe for disaster.

When we can’t relate to others, we feel completely alone, alienated and miserable. We become self-centered, carrying our selfishness as a badge of honor. 

We hurt others, because their hurt means nothing to us. Their hurt can’t touch us. And so others around us adapt, grow a thicker skin, reclude their attention, put up walls and other defense mechanisms. Some act out, hurt back. Here starts a cycle of revenge – hurt, revenge, hurt, revenge… eye for an eye and the whole world is blind.

Now let’s roll the tape back. Let’s remember all we think we know. forget everything we were taught.

Forget that we thought once white is the opposite of black, light is the opposite of dark, big is the opposite of small. Forget where we come from and what name our mother has given to us. Let’s remember only being alive, in a human body, slowly breathing in, and breathing out…

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