Donauwelle 9, Kiezredaktion der Donauwelle
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Healing creative scars 

In school, we were often told we couldn’t draw or sing properly. In a workshop with Seseg Jigjitova, we learned to see that there is no right or wrong way to be creative. The comic snippets reflect episodes from the participants’ educational journeys and demonstrate how we can still heal our „creative scars.“

Comic by Yael Parish

In this comic workshop with Seseg Jigjitova, we explored different aspects of creativity. In the first part, we stimulated our imagination with practical exercises. An introduction to the Growth Mindset Theory helped us to try out new things and learn from mistakes. Through practical exercises in self-ethnography we managed to see everyday life from a different perspective, to think anti-cyclically and to leave our comfort zone.

Seseg during the workshop in May 2024
„Everybody can heal internal creativity scars“ @Seseg

In the second part, we then draw a comic episode from our own educational biography. Take a look at the marvelous results:

Comic by Lina Tegtmeyer

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Every second Saturday, we will meet to draw our personal projects, share our knowledge and skills, and inspire each other! 

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Dieser Beitrag ist zum ersten Mal am 28. Juni 2024 in der Donauwelle 09 erschienen. Die Donauwelle wurde im Rahmen des Projektes „Donaukiez macht Medien“ erstellt. Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch die Bundesrepublik Deutschland und das Land Berlin im Rahmen des Städtebauförderprogramms Sozialer Zusammenhalt – Zusammenleben im Quartier gemeinsam gestalten.

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